Terms Of Service

Terms Of Service

Last Updated May 2020


1.1  We will begin working on a fresh design upon receipt of project details and the consecutive payment. We will communicate with the client via online client portal and/or email. Phone support is not guaranteed and subject to availability of Brandsbysam .

1.2  Upon completion of the project, we agree to transfer digital files relating to the final design of the project to the client through a download link. Brandsbysam retains copyrights to all elements resulting from the project except the final design. the final files will be archived. If the client wishes access to final files at any time in the future a small fee may be charged to un-archive the files and make available to the client.


2.1  Refunds are made in accordance with the refund policy in effect for each service at the time or at the discretion of the management. It is usually 50% of the package amount. Brandsbysam retains 50% for the time and effort put into the initial design concepts. This is usually the 50% of the initial deposit made by the client.

2.2  Brandsbysam would proceed and would not go through any cancellation once the client decides that they would like to proceed with the project by asking for revisions. Revisions are considered as client accepted design concepts after the initial design phase.


3.1  The client receives 100% copyrights to the final design once the final design gets approved by themselves. All other concepts and elements resulting from the design process shall remain exclusive copyright under Brandsbysam .

3.2  Brandsbysam retains the right to utilize any artwork, design, revision or comment/feedback/testimonial from a project on websites and in advertising, promotion and other marketing materials.

3.3  Brandsbysam is NOT liable for any damages or expenses incurred by the client in the use of artwork created by us. Due to the complexities of national and international copyright and logo trademark laws, Brandsbysam will not be liable for any infringement issues on an already existing copyright or trademarks or service mark relating to the project design, project name, description or usage.


4.1  The project can take anywhere from a couple of hours upto 72 business hours to be finalized. project finalization and wrap up can take up to 5-7 business days before the client receives their final files. Depends on the clients responsiveness. 

4.2  The project is charged at a rate that is in effect at the time the project is accepted by Brandsbysam and is not affected by any subsequent changes to the rates.

4.3  Discounts will be offered for 100% upfront payments only.

4.4  If a project is abandoned by the client for more than 4 business weeks, then Brandsbysam reserves the right to charge an un-archival fee to restart the project. If the time lapse is more than 6 months, Brandsbysam reserves the right not to restart the project and there would be no refund of any sort.